Environmental Committee

This new committee will determine its mission statement during its first few meetings.
Its intention is to address issues related to the environment and to educate both the NC Board and the community, through the organization of public forums, arranging for presentations by experts in their field at Board and Committee meetings.
The committee will also provide articles for the NC newsletter, and produce flyers for distribution at different events.
Karen DiBiase, Chair
  • Dorothy Koetz
  • Don Patterson
  • Sheppard Kaufman
  • Al Saur
  • Chris Rowe


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Next Meeting

Karen DiBiase

Karen DiBiase


Email: k.dibiase@whcouncil.org

Guiding Principles

The committee intends on addressing environmental issues associated with development proposals, proposed City, State and Federal ordinances, sustainable design and policies, and local infrastructure improvements and maintenance.

Education and Awareness

Other intentions will be to focus on environmental education and awareness.

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