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Animal Services Committee

This is a new committee and the mission will be determined by the Committee during its first few meetings.
Education and awareness will be provided to both the NC Board and the community, through the organization of public forums, arranging for presentations by experts in their field at Board and Committee meetings.
They will also provide articles for the NC newsletter, and produce flyers to distribution at different events.
Dorothy Koetz, Co-Chair
Linda Kouy-Ghadosh, Co-Chair

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Next MeetingThere are no upcoming meetings at this time.

Dorothy Strackbien-Koetz

Dorothy Strackbien-Koetz


Email: d.koetz@whcouncil.org

Linda Kouy-Ghadosh

Linda Kouy-Ghadosh


Email: l.kouy-gadosh@whcouncil.org

Guiding Principles

Protecting and assessing treatment of animals including pets and wildlife are anticipated to be part of the committee’s effort.

Education and Awareness

Other intentions will be to focus on education and awareness regarding animals in our community.

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